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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The hooch from outside under the camo net.
Lt. Simmons's "hooch" from under the camo net.
Lt David Simmons sent this picture of a cake that had in the chow hall on Thanksgiving.
Don Jackson and his father Buster Jackson are also father and son deployed in Iraq.
Andy Perdue and his Joe Perdue, one set of the father and sons that are deployed in Iraq.

1st PLT Bravo Battery

Bravo Battery 1st PLT is comprised of the following men: Jimmy McGough, Allen Brewer, James Grace, Alan Smith, Matthew Wilder, Lareka Brazile, Carl Robinson, Zachary Sewell, Christopher Burch, Mathew Hawkins, Rod Washington, Chad Henderson, Rory Mathews, Terry Woodson, Troy Hayes, Justin Nicholes, Stafford Still, Timothy Ard, Marcus Ballard, Timothy Childers, Brandon Grantham, Carin Grice, Jeffery Ludlum, Christopher Mack, Chris Martin, Abert Moore, Roy Rhodes, Steven Sexton, Victor Staples, James Taylor, Phillip Tolbert, Jeff Birge, Chris Baker, David Simmons

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We have another birthday to add to the list. Happy Birthday Matthew Wilder.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The best I can tell about this picture is that he is not a member of Bravo Battery. I think this is part of a new elite fighting force specializing in small weapons systems.
(Thanks to Holly Grimsley for these pictures)
Matthew Wilder son of Holly Grimsley from Enterprise. Matthew is a member of the Geneva unit.


Everyone please join us in wishing Scott Burk a very Happy Birthday today. Happy Birthday Scott!!!!!!!!!!  Your mom sends her love.

Monday, December 12, 2005

3rd Platoon

Bravo Battery 3rd PLT is comprised of the following men: Joshua Baker, Randall Barefoot, Charles Coker, Jeffery Cook, Eric Cumbie, Christopher Edwards, Kenneth Fells, Joshua Griffin, Ruland Hall, Bobby Hinson, Matthew Hutchins, Jeffery Ingram, Don Jackson, Nathan Jackson, Artis James, Gavin Kosteleskey, Toby Norwood, Micheal Owens, Roy Powell, Stephen Radney, Jathan Redman, Matthew Ritchie, John Henry Rodgers, Tracy Simpler, Tracy Steele, Todd Stephens, Kevin Stinson, Johathan Thompson, Wendell Tolbert, Max Tucker, Stephen Walter Stephens, James C. Ward, Gene Willhite, Mark Williams, Steven Scott, Joe Perdue.

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