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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Soldier Stood Before God

The Soldier stood and faced God Which must always come to pass He hoped his shoes were shinning Just as brightly as his brass Step forward now Soldier How shall I deal with You? Have you always turned the other cheek? To my church have you been true? The Soldier squared his shoulders said, no Lord, I guess I ain't, Because those of us who carry guns, can't always be saints I've had to work most Sundays and at times my talk was tough and sometimes I've been violent because the world is awfully rough But I never took a penny that wasn't mine to keep though I worked a lot of overtime when the bills got just too steep And I never passed a cry for help Though at times I shook with fear and sometimes, God forgive me I wept unmanly tears I know I don't deserve a place Among the people here They never wanted me around except to calm their fears If You have a place for me here, Lord It needn't be so grand I never expected or had to much but if You don't, I'll understand There was silence all around the throne Where the saints had often trod As the Soldier waited quietly for the judgment of his God Step forward now, You've borne your burdens well Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets You've done your time in Hell.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

SGT Terry Kluckman a member of Bravo Battery is going to be celebrating his birthday in Iraq this month. Terry's wife Christine, Sissi, sister-in-law Erika and his nephews Joshua and Jeremy would like to wish him a Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Terry, We love you and miss you very much. We are praying for your safe return.
(photo submitted by Erika Mott)


Congratulations to Spec. Matthew Wilder and SGT. Carl Robinson.  They have been recently been promoted while serving in Iraq.  Great job guys, you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentine Cards for Soldiers

Andalusia Family Readiness Group is hosting this event is open to all 5 units with not just Andalusia.CREATE A VALENTINE’S CARD FOR OUR SOLDIERSCome enjoy making a Valentine’s Card for our soldiers with the Andalusia Family Readiness Group and the Creative Memory Gang.It will be lots of fun.All you have to do is bring 2 pictures of your choice, which you would like to send to your soldier.Refreshments will be served.This is for all ages!!!Bring yourself, kids and grandkids!! Fun for all ages!!!The event is FREE!!! Please contact Joy’l Herrington if you have any questions and to RSVP you can call her @ 334-488-3568 or email her at the Festivities will take place at Andalusia Army National Guard. January 22, 2006. Time: 2:00 p.m. – until.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Tankers Brothers

Here is an email I received from another blogspot that I stumbled upon the other day.  I recommend it to you for your reading enjoyment.

Chuck: Thanks for leaving us your comment in the TankerBrothers blog. You honor us by taking the time to check it out.We're both really proud of y'all. When we write, we write from experience. I was in Baghdad for 14 months; my little brother actually crested 15. We know that y'all have experiences and stories to tell, and you should. Get the word out, man. There’s no way we're going to convince the Anti-War loonies into suddenly changing their minds, but all of us vets together can sure make a difference writing about our experiences (while maintaining OPSEC) to the people that are sitting on the fence.Imagine how confused some people are who have never served or had any experience with the military. That's why we need to tell them the truth.Take care, and God Bless.-Caesar

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