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Friday, January 27, 2006

Army Signs Emergency Body Armor Contract

WASHINGTON- The U.S. Army, under pressure to issue more protective gear to its soldiers in Iraq, has signed a $70 million emergency contract with a California company to rush ceramic body armor to the front lines.

The sole-source contract, with California-based Ceradyne Inc., was approved last week and announced Friday.  It comes on the heels of a Pentagon study that found side armor could have saved dozens of U.S lives in Iraq.

The Army is planning to buy 230,000 sets of the ceramic side plates.  Army spokesman Paul Boyce said that one company will not be able to deliver that order in the time required, so additional venders are being sought through an open-bid process.

“Our goal is to continue providing the American Soldier with the best, most protective body armor in the world,” Boyce said.  “We are working with Soldiers, commanders, the medical community and industry to continue these improvements while ensuring the safety of our Soldiers.”

The company is expected to begin shipping the armor plates in January and to complete the order by May or June.

Each side plate weighs 2 ½ pounds.  Earlier this week, Army Secretary Francis Harvey said he thought Soldiers should be required to wear the ceramic side plates even though they added weight and may limit mobility.

While his pronouncement was not an order, it reflected the military’s ongoing struggle to answer criticism that Soldiers are going to war without the armor they need.  Soldiers have said the added armor will weigh them down and limit their fighting flexibility.

Associated Press / January 21, 2006

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lets not forget the FRG meeting in Greenville on January 28 at 2:oo at the Greenville Armory. Valentine Cards will be made for the soldiers deployed in Iraq.
SGT. Gavin Kostelecky and SSG. Tracy Simpler have a new addition to their "home" in Iraq. SGT. Kostelecky's wife sent these pink flamingos to them to add a little color to the landscape. Gavin and Tracy are planning on taking these flamingos out on a mission with them in the near future. I am sure we will get to see these birds again as they are taken on a tour of Iraq.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Here is a picture of the guys from 1st platoon. I can not name them all so I am going to need your help in getting this one correct. From left to right Jimmy McGough, Zac Sewell, ??,??, 1LT. David Simmons, Chris Baker, ??. Second row on the right end is Troy Hays. The tall guy on the back row on the right looks like Steve Sexton. If you can name anymore please send me and message and I will be glad to update his name to the list.
This past weekend a group of ladies from several locations representing Bravo Battery gathered at Angie Barnes's house in Troy. These ladies went out to a movie an ate at Mossy Grove in Troy. From what I hear they had a wonderful time visiting and supporting each other in this difficult time in their lives. Angie was kind enough to share a picture of the ladies in the group:
Front row: Teresa McGough, Angie Sanders, little Libby Barnes, Angie Barnes, Tracy Simpler, Amanda Barefoot. Second row: Gail Tyree, Kelly Hart. Back row: Joy'l Herrington, Dana Theilacker, Joyce Stinson, and Malinn Kostalecky.
(Photo submitted by: Angie Barnes)

FRG Meetiing In Greenville

The Greenville/Luverne Family Readiness Group (FRG) will have a meeting at the Greenville National Guard Armory on January 28, 2006 at 2:00 pm.  They will be making Valentine Cards for the soldiers deployed in Iraq plus discussing any other concerns that you might have.  All the supplies will be furnished to make the cards, refreshments will be served.  Kids are invited to attend.  Please plan to be here is at all possible, call a family member of a soldier and invite them to come along.  The more the merrier.

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