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Thursday, March 30, 2006

And there is just one thing missing and she has the same name as you.......right Tracy?? Tracy Simpler enjoying poolside on one of his missions recently. Looks like fun if it were in the right country!!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I would like to thank Angie for taking time out of her busy schedule to keep this site up and running for me. I have truly missed not being able to keep the posting up in a timely manner. I have also really missed talking to everyone either by phone, e-mail, or seeing you at ball games and such. This past month has really been a tough one for me. I not only started a new job that keeps me on the road most of the day, but I have been going through several physicals in the past months. I got a phone call the other day and they told me that I was being discharged from the military. It seems as if after five years of waiting I would have been a little more prepared. I actually thought I would be able to handle it a lot better. However, looking back over the 23 years, I realized that being in the Alabama Army National Guard has been the longest thing that I have ever stuck with in my life. I have made some great friends, had some great times, even a few bad times,, but I would not trade any of the memories for nothing in the world. As bad as I hate to say, I actually had tears in my eyes knowing that I would no longer get up one weekend a month and put on those old BDU's and go out to the Armory and hang around with my friends that I have made through out the years. These guys are truly the BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!
HEADQUARTERS BATTERY 1ST BATTALION 117TH FIELD ARTILLERY 1011 PRESTWOOD BRIDGE ROAD ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA 36421-4304 AL-1-117-HB 21 March 2006 MEMORANDUM FOR Andaulsia Unit Members and Families, DEPLOYED & NON-DEPLOYED SUBJECT: Family Readiness Group Meeting 1. HHS will be conducting a Family Readiness Group Meeting on 8 April 2006 at 6:30 P.M.. The meeting will be held at the Andalusia armory and the following will be conducted: a. Nominations and elections for the following positions: · Chairperson · Vice-Chairperson · Secretary · Treasurer b. Duties and responsibilities of each position if you are nominated and elected. If elected into a position your term will be for one year. c. Commander will also discuss upcoming mobilization. 2. Family Readiness Groups play a vital role in the Alabama Army National Guard and will be a great asset to this unit. Please encourage your family members to attend. 3. Any questions on the Family Readiness Group Meeting or refreshments you can contact me at the unit (334) 222-5064/5851 , on my cell at (334)488-0472, or contact Mrs. Joy’l Herrington at (334)-488-3568. FOR THE COMMANDER JOSEPH D. HERRINGTON Thanks, Joyce SFC, AL ARNG Readiness NCO

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hi everyone. I am stepping in for Chuck temporarily until he can get caught up. Please feel free to send me pictures and any news from this side of the world or the big sandbox. I am going to try to get caught up on posting myself. These blogs are wonderful communication and just something fun to look at to keep us all intouch so please submit things even if they dont seem significant to you. They may get someone through the day. Thanks to all you guys (and girls:) )of the 117th!!! Angie Barnes Gail Tyree, Tracy Simpler and Lee Barnes during his visit home. Remember to stop and say a prayer for these guys as they travel. It takes several days of no shower and little rest to get home, and to return.

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